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Ellicott City, Maryland

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"If you aren’t having fun… maybe you should consider a new career. I did."

Mark A. Trager
Author, Fundraising Consultant

My journey into the fascinating world of fundraising evolved from being a middle school art teacher in Meriden, Connecticut. I enjoyed sharing my love of the arts with my students but felt something more challenging and significant was out there for me.

After two years of teaching, I found a job as an art director for an advertising specialty company in Hartford, Connecticut. Creating marketing campaigns and designing catalogs out of a small windowless room made me feel claustrophobic. I felt there was no real future doing this. However, the silver lining came when a fundraising team took out space in our building, and I had a chance to design and produce the marketing materials for their client, the Salvation Army.

Spending a month with the campaign director, I learned raising funds for a meaningful nonprofit organization was a worthy cause. So, yes, I wanted to become a fundraiser. When the campaign director asked me, ‘Why do you want to be a fundraiser? I said, "Jack, I have never had so much fun, excitement, and the feeling of doing something worthwhile in my life."

What people are saying about Mark Trager, and "The How & Wow of Fundraising"

“I highly recommend ‘The HOW and WOW of Fundraising’ to those interested in the fundamentals of fundraising. I had the great pleasure of working closely with Mark while president of a small nonprofit and can attest to the efficacy of his multi-step methodology – as he obtained for us the most substantial gift in our 50-year history. Mark’s book is bursting with sound advice, reflecting a long and successful career in the field, but it’s also written in a humorous, conversational style replete with examples and anecdotes that both entertain and inform. I felt as if I were sitting at the table with him again. You too will see the wisdom of doing so after reading his book."
Thomas Hudson, Former President, Candlelight Concert Society Inc.
“Mark Trager, though not a Jedi Knight that I know of, is as close to Yoda in a fundraising sense as can be found anywhere in the galaxy or beyond. He looks a little like the Jedi Master himself, but that is for another time. To be sure, you will find that he has poured all these years of knowledge and expertise into this book so that you too can become a Jedi Master of Fundraising. He lays out everything that you need to know in a format that leads you from the beginning to a profitable conclusion. Read it well and he will show you the ways of the Force and the joy of fundraising. Wise is the book; profit you must.”
Steve Wecker, State of MD Restaurateur of the Year 2019, Philanthropist. www.cured1821.com

Mark Trager Fundraising

Ellicott City, Maryland

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